Monday, 19 December 2016

Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes in Matter in the Maker Space!

Liquid was probably the matter we noticed the most in term four because of the foamy, bubbly, slimy, oily glorious exploding mess all over the Maker Space.

 The Liquids we used included  water, milk, detergent, cooking oil, hydrogen peroxide, PVA glue, hair conditioner and food colouring.
However we also included Solids including cornflour, butter, cardboard, PLA filament (3D printing 'ink') and wire in our experiments.

Of course we would not have been able to change matter without the invisible Gasses of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide.

 The change in temperature that the friction of our hands, the reacting chemicals , the hot 3D printer and the even hotter sun provided the final, essential ingredient! 

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  1. Hi I'm Ryan from Awahono School. I really enjoyed how you put the liquids you used. It made me think of when I did science. I liked how you put that you blew gas into the liquid to make a bubble. Hope you look at my blog. Here is the link to it.