Sunday, 30 April 2017

Parallel Circuits at Gribblehirst Community Hub

In my last post I wrote about electrical polarity while learning how to build circuits. However only one LED light was working on my prototype kite frame.
Today I went to the Maker Space at Gribblehirst Community Hub to ask for  some advice. I met lots of makers! They explained I had made a series circuit. The first LED light was using all the power and not sharing it with the other lights. I was glad I had asked for help and that people were so keen to share their knowledge!

Ted explained that I needed to build PARALLEL CIRCUITS like my first try on the black felt. He also gave me advice about different batteries and other conductive metals like aluminium foil team 3  could use to make our Matariki kites.

Ted had some awesome Matariki ideas! He even suggested using special magnets to help attach the battery to the circuit! I drew diagrams and wrote down lots of notes.

It's always good to look for advice and work with others when you come across a problem. I am even more excited about building sparkling LED Matariki kites in term 2.

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