Monday, 19 June 2017

LED light Matariki kites!

Check out our glowing LED night kites! Do you think they will fly???


  1. hello there I am Tennessee and I really really really
    like your blog post like how you told me the type of
    Materials you need.But when it is next time please
    tell me why yous guys done this.

    1. Kia ora Tennessee,
      Thank you for your comment. I thought it was important to list all the materials. The lights are awesome but they wouldn't work without trusty things like PVA glue and masking tape!

  2. hi there my name is sofaia from Wesley primary school i really really like it specially when you put the light on your hand sounds like fun wish our class did it

  3. Kia ora Sofaia,
    Thanks you for your comment. That was one of my favourite photos. We turned the lights off in the room so we could see the light glow next to our hands!

  4. god god worck.
    frome lucas

  5. Hi,my name is Deakyn I am from Awahono School. How long did it take you to make the kites and to get the materials for the kites? I really liked how you made LED Light glowing kites for your class and school. It made me think of the seven sisters and the kites of Matariki. Maybe next time you could add an ending that says THANKS FOR WATCHING!

    1. Kia ora Deakyn,
      Thank you for your comment! Classes spend an hour class every two weeks in the Maker Space so It took us about four or five hours over the term to make the kites.
      I'm very glad it reminded you of Matariki because that was our goal.
      Thanks for your feedback for the ending. I will add some more slides of the kites flying and add your suggestion.

  6. Hi i'm Samuel from Awahono School.I liked the idea of making those kites and making them glow but next time I think you could make them fly.But other then that I think it was really cool.But how did you come up with the idea of the kites?

  7. Kia ora Sam,
    Thank you for your comment, we were so excited when the lights started to work. We turned the lights off in the Maker Space so we could see them glow better.
    Have a look at our new video to see how they fly- in the dark!
    I love your question about the idea for the kites. Miss King from Room 13 gave me a challenge. She asked , " Can you attach LED lights on to kites in the Maker Space?"
    I answered "We will try!"
    I love being given challenges, they give me the chance to try, try, try and ask lots of questions while I am learning. Everyone in team 3 has learned so much and had so much fun since she gave us that task.