Friday, 5 January 2018

Sticker Mural & Movie Making at Te Oro

Happy New Year! 😀
Are you missing Makerspace and Creative Space these holidays? 

Have a look who is coming to Te Oro next week!

Look at more details and read about more activities like music and dance here: 
Te Oro Summer Calendar

Isaac's Gifts to Pt England

We are so proud of Isaac for wining  the 2017 Year 8 Art Prize. He is an amazing painter and photographer with an eye for capturing the beauty of nature.  

We are also incredibly humbled to have received two landscapes that Isaac painted at PES in the last week of 2017. These are gifts to show the school his appreciation for its help throughout his years at Pt England.


We will miss you, Isaac and look forward to hearing about your journey as an artist as you head to Tamaki College. Good Luck!