Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Heroes - Manaiakalanai Film Festival

When Covid-19 arrived in Aotearoa, communities across the country united to eliminate the virus.  

We are strong.

We are kind.

We are united.


  1. Hi my name is John Leitufia,
    One reason why I liked this movie was because it reminds me of when we were back in lock-down and when we were in lock-down we all were heroes by sanitizing our hand and always staying clean

  2. Kia ora, my name is Kahurangi and i'm from room 4.
    I agree, we all need to unite against covid,If we work together i think we could defeat covid much faster. I love how you have worn masks, as it shows how important they can be. the movie was inspiring as it made myself think about how dangerous covid is, Before i would take it as a joke, but now i'm taking it serious. From kahurangi

  3. Kia Ora,
    My name is Victoria and I am from room 4,if we can work together then we can beat Covid fast. I also liked that you guys wore mask and it is important because of covid. Keep up the great work!
    By Victoria

  4. Greeting, the names Angeline, I liked how you little Heroes are Strong, Kind & United prepared for Covid that is all around Aotearoa. Keep it up and be the best heroes you can be.


  5. name is cordel from Room 23 pt England school.I l liked your was cool.

  6. Hello my names Josaia I really liked your movie, showing our heroes who are fighting to keep us safe from covid the is all around world right now.

    Sincerely From Josaia

  7. Hi makerspace my name is Paege and I am from pt England school and I am in room 23 and I liked your movie because you
    Are wereing a maks.

  8. You guys are real hero's stay safe also good job guys it was amazing :) from layarnah and lance from glen taylor school

  9. Malo lelei my name is dyzon and i would like to say I really like your film and I agree that we should still be careful because who knows another lockdown might happen

  10. Hi my names Yeeyints Maung maung knows me and this film was is good for people who are afraid of corna

  11. Hello Makerspace!

    The Lockdown was very tough for all of us but we were true heroes who followed the guidelines which lowered the cases! I really liked your movie as well!

    Keep it up,

    Aye :)

  12. Hello my name is Aurora from St Pius x school, I really like you guys being helpful, and trying to keep out of the covid-19 :)

  13. Hello my name is Tupua and I attend SPX schoo, My favourite parts is when you said Unite for our Whanau, I suggest that you try and add more dialogue and try not to shout in the microphone since people do not understand what you guys are saying but anyways

    Best Wishes

  14. Hi my name is Kalisi and I go to pius x school,
    I really enjoy watching your movie and that you are brave, strong and kind to each when covid-19 came I really hope that you are doing well.